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Specialty lighting from Mr. Electric is a subtle way to add warmth and create character inside and outside your home. Specialty lighting can also work to increase light where you need it most. It can even save you money on your electric bill.  

Get more feeling and character from your home

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Learn about lighting options

Expert lighting advice

Not sure whether you want track or accent lighting, or what would look best on your oceanside deck? Ask our experienced team for expert ideas!

Custom lighting design

Want specialty lighting that's unique to your home's style or will blend with the island landscape? Rely on our design team to create the ambiance you want.  

Electrical emergencies can happen without warning. But you're always prepared with Mr. Electric's 24/7 service and FAST response time.

Electrical emergency?

•  Landscape and security lighting

•  Bath and kitchen lighting

•  Holiday lighting

•  Track and accent lighting

•  Energy saving lighting

•  Lighting dimmers and timers

•  Recessed lighting

Complete lighting options

Enjoy your home and outdoor space even more with creative, functional specialty lighting from Mr. Electric.

Mr. Electric will always provide you with a professional, friendly electrical team that specializes in what you need. For the best installation of specialty lighting to enhance your home's beauty, call on our team.

The best installation and maintenance on the island

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