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Switching to an energy efficient electricity system with Mr. Electric can save you money while you protect the environment from toxic fossil fuel pollution, create a more secure energy future for the country, and keep our beloved island beautiful.

Reap the rewards of energy efficiency

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Learn about energy savings

The best energy advice

When you work with Mr. Electric, you'll work with professionals with the most current and practical information to help you save money and energy.

The top energy saving devices

Get access to the latest, most powerful energy saving devices from the professionals at Mr. Electric. We'll deliver savings to you every time.

When you experience an energy emergency, don't wait. Call Mr. Electric right away for FAST service everywhere on the island.

24/7 Emergency Service

•  Power conditioning systems

•  Lighting controls

•  Ceiling fan installation

•  Power consumption meters

•  Solar energy system

•  Tankless water heaters

•  Lighting and electrical upgrades

•  Outlets and specialty receptacles

Complete energy savings

Save on your electric bills while you save energy with a variety of energy efficient electricity options from Mr. Electric.  

Are you ready to turn your home into an energy super saver? Call Mr. Electric today for a personalized visit. We'll guide you through the steps and give you the information you need to improve your home's energy efficiency FAST.

Need help saving energy? Call  Mr. Electric today!

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